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What Satisfied Clients Are Saying

"Elesha is the consummate professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She handled every aspect of our projects with a can-do, proactive, and positive attitude. She is a natural leader and lifelong learner. She has an excellent work ethic and is highly dependable. She is thorough, detail-oriented, and follows through on everything she’s involved with. She is a problem solver and a doer. Our customers and staff loved her. She is one of the most capable, adaptable, driven and professional individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She would be an absolute asset to any project or team. If our project hadn’t ended, she would still be contracting with us. She’ll be our first choice for future projects as well"

Kirsten Rand
Maids a la Mode

Elesha was an incredible contributor to our team and her high level skill, positivity, and enthusiasm will be deeply missed! Elesha is dedicated, consistent, trustworthy and a true customer support expert (and so much more)! We just cannot say enough good about her and highly recommend her for any team in need of her skills! Thank you for everything, Elesha!"

Michelle Davis
EZ Home Gardening Services

"I've been working with ENK Professional for 2 years now and I'm very impressed. Here's why: 1. Loved that they provided samples of their work & audio when they submitted their bid for the job 2. Really cheerful and up beat attitude "can do, no problem, I'm on it". Love that! 3. Extremely competent 4. Willing and excited to learn new things. I'm looking forward to continued use of their services!

Jennifer Flaa

CEO, Vettanna LLC"

Jennifer Flaa
Vettanna, LLC

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